REDP Offers a Proven Method for Increasing Top Line Revenues

Since 2014, REDP’s Economic Gardening (EG) program has assisted 15 small business enterprises grow their revenues by utilizing a network of nationally-prominent business strategists, researchers and marketers. The assistance is provided on a confidential basis and without cost to the company, other than its investment of time. The EG approach is customized to the company’s needs and only requires about 12 hours of the CEO’s time over a 2 to 3 month period.

As testament to EG’s success, 3 of the participating companies have been acquired by much larger corporations and another received an equity capital infusion of $8 million.

To qualify, a business must generally have the following characteristics:

·         Located in Richardson for at least 2 years

·         Have annual revenue of between $1 million and $50 million

·         Employ between 10 and 100 full-time employees

·         Have revenue and/or employment growth in 2 of the past 5 years

·         Have a product or service that could be sold beyond the DFW region to national or global markets

·         Possess a sincere desire to grow the company

Some of the Richardson companies that have participated and  found great value in EG are:

·         EnTouch Controls

·         Convey Computer

·         SSG

·         NPI Technologies

·         Triune Systems

·         Optex Systems

·         VisualApp

·         Paragon Innovations

The REDP is currently taking applications for its limited number of 2017 EG assignments. If you have or know of a company that might benefit from EG, have them contact REDP’s John Jacobs at .

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