Mike Skelton makes high-level connections during Brazilian economic development trip


Skelton attends International Association of Science Parks (IASP) Conference in Recife, Brazil


Representing Richardson/The Telecom Corridor® Area of Innovation, Director of the Mayor’s Office of International Business Mike Skelton attended the 29th annual conference of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) held in Recife, Brazil October 14-17. The conference theme was “Science Parks Shaping New Cities” focusing on the role of science and technology parks and areas of innovation proving a leading role in new and existing city strategies and processes.


As only one of nine full member organizations in the United States, Richardson/The Telecom Corridor® Area of Innovation joins a worldwide organization of 388 members providing tremendous networking and prospecting opportunities to attract foreign technology companies to our area.


Richardson’s technology industry heritage and mature ecosystem provides an excellent platform from which to attract companies from IASP member locations around the world,” says Skelton. “During the conference I was able to meet more than 40 science and technology park managers and introduce them to Richardson/The Telecom Corridor® Area of Innovation as a location for their growing companies looking to launch a U.S. operation.”  


Subsequent IASP conferences will be held in Doha, Qatar in 2014 and Beijing, China in 2015.



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil looking to partner with Richardson, Texas


The city alderman of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mr. Eliseu Kessler, invited Skelton to visit him after the conclusion of the IASP annual conference in Recife. Mr. Kessler had visited Richardson in November 2012 and met with former Mayor Bob Townsend, City Council member Mark Solomon and Skelton looking to establish a “Friendly City” relationship between the two cities to promote trade, foreign direct investment and cultural exchanges. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2014 World Cup Soccer Games and the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Mike Skelton traveled to Rio de Janeiro after the IASP conference October 17-22 where Mr. Kessler arranged high-level meetings with executives of RioSoft (the software industry association of southern Brazil), American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Rio de Janeiro Chamber of Commerce, Brazilian Export Commission, Rio Business (the economic development organization for the city of Rio de Janeiro), and several other business organizations. Mr. Kessler and his wife provided a personal tour of the city and on the final day of his visit there, he arranged for Skelton to receive a “medal of honor” from the leaders of the Rio de Janeiro City Legislature. Both parties are currently working toward a “Friendly City” memorandum of understanding.

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