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Selected Local (non-chain) Favorites
Selected Regional and National Restaurants in Richardson
    • Chili's, 329 W Spring Valley Rd
    • Chocolate Angel Cafe & Tea Room, 635 W Campbell in Campbell Road Village
    • Fish City Grill, 1415 E Renner in CityLine Market
    • La Madeleine, 1320 W Campbell Rd. in Lennox Shopping Center
    • Mi Cocina, 1370 W Campbell Rd. in Lennox Shopping Center
    • Modern Market, 1419 E Renner Rd in CityLine Market
    • MOOYAH Burgers, 2160 N Coit Rd. in Lennox Shopping Center
    • Pappasito’s Cantina, 723 S Central Expressway
    • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, 725 S Central Expressway
    • PeiWei, 1401 W Campbell Rd in Pavilion East, 1425 E Renner Rd at CityLine Market
    • Pollo Tropical, 106 W Campbell Rd
    • Snappy Salads, 320 W Campbell Rd in Canyon Creek Center
    • Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar, 300 W Campbell Rd in Canyon Creek Ctr, a Dallas tradition since 1979
    • Starbucks (11 locations)
    • Taco Diner, 1417 E Renner Rd in CityLine Market
    • Taco Joint, 100 S Central Expwy in Richardson Heights
    • Texas Land & Cattle, 812 S Central Expwy
    • Torchy’s Tacos, 300 W Campbell Rd in Canyon Creek Center
    • Twisted Root Burger Company, 730 E Campbell Rd in Eastside
    • Urban Eatz, 1811 N Greenville in Eastside
    • Zoe's Kitchen, 222 W Campbell Rd.
CityLine & CityLine Market
  • Click here for a listing of all the restaurants at Richardson’s popular new destination dining!  

There are eight food venues at CityLineTwo. Most are breakfast and lunch only. 
CityLineOne features Good Union Urban BBQ (Lunch/dinner).
CityLineThree has five restaurants: Jasper’s, Tom&Chee, Coal Vines Pizza/Wine Bistro, Tricky Fish and TopPot Doughnuts & Coffee. The ground floor of the luxury LotA Apartments has two more: Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine and Edoko Sushi & Robata
There is plenty of free parking reserved for restaurant customers in the StateFarm parking lots.
CityLine Market on the NE corner of E Renner at Plano Rd features 10 fast casual restaurants and another Starbucks with a drive-thru.

Richardson Food Truck Park
Opening in 2015, Richardson’s first Food Truck Park has been one of the catalysts for the South Central/Main Street Corridor Revitalization. Located at 522 Bishop Ave, one block east of Central Expressway, south of Arapaho Rd. Open Tues-Sun. See the website for hours and the schedule for various food trucks. 

Richardson Restaurant Park 744-758 S Central Expressway – Opening in 2017.
This exciting redevelopment location has The Halal Guys, the NYC food truck sensation that has recently expanded to the DFW area; The Wokk Asian Cookhouse, a new concept featuring locally sourced ingredients (soft opening underway), and Dog Haus, another concept new to the DFW area will open in late spring. Several other restaurant prospects are in the works.

DFW Chinatown - 400 N. Greenville Ave.
A major destination for Asian food, shopping and events. In addition to the Chinese Community Center, the center features 10 Asian restaurants with Chinese (Hunan, Mandarin, Szechuan), Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Vietnamese cuisine, a yogurt shop and a coffee house. 


 Sports Cafes/Bars 



  • In 2004, Richardson residents passed a “mixed-beverage” ordinance.
  • Since then restaurants with TABC* food and beverage permits are no longer considered private clubs which require a “unicard”-type ID system.
  • Clubs and bars (50%+ in alcohol sales) are private clubs and must use a card/registration system.
  • In 2006, voters approved beer and wine sales for Richardson grocery stores and most convenience stores except where a property abuts a school.
  • Oasis Liquors at 538 Centennial Blvd in Richland Meadows Shopping Center remains as the only hard liquor store in Richardson.  This area was formerly known as the town of "Buckingham", and was annexed into Richardson in 1996, allowing the existing liquor stores to remain. No other hard liquor stores are allowed in Richardson.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any restaurants, but is allowed on patios away from entrances. Smoking is allowed in private clubs/bars with 70% or more of annual gross revenues in alcohol sales.

For questions on alcohol permits or smoking ordinances, contact Chris Shacklett, AICP in Development Services at the City of Richardson.

*TABC - Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission

updated 12-22-16



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