Tax Rates


The City of Richardson lies in two counties and two school districts. This gives residents and Richardson businesses two different tax rates, depending on their location within the city:
  • Collin County (northern 1/3)
  • Dallas County (southern 2/3)
  • Richardson Independent School District (Dallas County portion of the city)
  • Plano Independent School District (Collin County portion of the city)

View the map on the right showing county boundaries within the city.

Richardson Property Tax Rates 2013
Richardson (Dallas County)
Property Tax Rate*
Richardson (Collin County)
Property Tax Rate*
Dallas County $0.2431 Collin County $0.2375
City of Richardson $0.63516 City of Richardson $0.63516
Dallas County Community College $0.1247 Collin County Community College $0.083643
Richardson ISD $1.34005 Plano ISD $1.453
Parkland Hospital $0.276 Total Tax Rate $2.409303
Dallas County School Equalization $0.01
Total Tax Rate $2.62901
*per $100 of Assessed Valuation
Sources: City of Richardson; Collin, Dallas County Appraisal Districts

2013 Property Tax Rate Comparison of Selected DFW Cities

Richardson/Collin County $2.409303
Richardson/Dallas County $2.62901
Allen $2.541
Dallas $2.732885
Irving $2.7174
Grand Prairie $2.788798

Other Taxes
(applicable to Richardson) 
Total Sales Tax Rate: 8.25%
State 6.25%
City 1.00%
MTA** 1.00%
Total Hotel/Motel Tax Rate: 13%
** - Metropolitan Transit Authority 

Corporate Franchise Tax
Texas franchise tax is a tax imposed on each taxable entity chartered/organized in Texas or doing business in Texas. Revisions to the tax were made during the 2007 legislative session.

For more information contact the State Comptroller of Public Accounts at 1-800-252-1381 or click on this link for franchise tax questions.


Income Tax
Texas has NO personal or corporate income tax and no state property or unitary tax.


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