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Winners of Second Gigabit Application Challenge




Richardson, Texas, home of the “Telecom Corridor® Area of Innovation” has announced the winners of its second Smart Gigabit Cities Application Challenge in partnership with US Ignite.  The winners will each receive $10,000 for developing apps that that utilize gigabit bandwidth and/or low latency solutions to solve community issues. 
We're pleased to announce the following winning proposals:
  • The Emotive Virtual Reality Patient (EVP) App with Real-Time Feedback.  This app will allow professors to observe medical students and virtual patient interaction in real-time, with a video feedback stream from the professor to the student.  Developed by  Marjorie Zielke, Ph.D.
  • iNotify, a smartphone-based app that will send notifications of weapon detection to intended recipients.  Created by Ashlesha Nesarikar, UTD computer science student
Richardson is one of 25 communities participating in US Ignite's Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) program, which is committed to the accelerating the development, deployment and sharing of smart community/ Internet of Things (IoT) applications as an important element of its efforts to drive local innovation economies. 
Participating SGC communities leverage local resources Including high-speed networks, local university researchers and innovation steering committee of local stakeholders to support application deployment and sharing. The benefits of each community’s program is amplified across the network of SGCs as next-gen smart community applications are shared among US Ignite’s international ecosystem of communities.   Click here to learn more about the US Ignite SGC program.

Richardson is one of 25 communities nationwide participating in US Ignite's Smart Gigabit Communities program.  The city hosted its first gigabit app challenge in February, 2017.  Winning proposals were:
  • "Security on the Poles", a smart parking system created by Narender Ramireddy and Prasad Golla, Ph.D 
  • "The Emotive Virtual Reality Patient System App" developed by Marjorie Zielke, Ph.D

See below for information from February, 2017 challenge

•      February 24, 2017 presentation (slide deck)



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