Telecom Corridor Geneaology Project

The Telecom Corridor® area is one of the most significant and unique high-tech business concentrations in the United States.  Located 15 miles north of downtown Dallas, the Telecom Corridor encompasses approximately 30 square miles which includes the city of Richardson along with the Texas Instruments campus and the west side of Waterview Parkway nearby the University of Texas at Dallas campus.

In 1992, the Telecom Corridor®area name was trademarked by the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. The three primary technology clusters which are evident in the Telecom Corridor® area are telecommunications (AT&T, Verizon, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Samsung, ZTE), semiconductors (Texas Instruments, TriQuint Semiconductor, Honeywell) and software. The area is also a target for venture capital investment in high-tech start-ups and continues to attract technology-based companies seeking to locate regional or national headquarters. 

In a real sense, it was Texas Instruments and Collins Radio (now Rockwell-Collins) that not only started the Telecom Corridor in the late 1950’s, but also created the first real cluster of technology companies in Dallas-Ft. Worth from which many other inter-related companies grew.

In order to capture and leverage for the benefit of all the interpersonal connections created within this rich, half-century old and now DFW-wide technology base, the Telecom Corridor®area Genealogy Project was created.

Supported by the Richardson Chamber of Commerce, the Richardson Economic Development Partnership, the University of Texas at Dallas and the Metroplex Technology Business Council, the Project will, as it garners more entries, be used for :

  1. Recruitment of technologists and technology executives for start-up companies and other business ventures
  2. Analyzing the “Corporate DNA” of the region and gaining a better understanding of corporate cultures, business values, business lingo, problem-solving methodology and predictors for success
  3. Providing evidence of the rich technology talent base in DFW as a consideration for relocating tech companies

If you have worked for one or more technology or tech-related companies in the Telecom Corridor area or the DFW region, then here’s how to become a part of the family tree:

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